Friday, February 13, 2009

Adjust the body clock, a successful attempt for leaving smoking

Just before you go to bed, suppose you want to wake up by 4 am, concentrate for a few minutes and tell your mind repeatedly to wake you up at 4 am exactly. Surely, if you concentratedly tell, you sure will automatically get up, as if some body awakened you. Depending on your wish, you may reset, reduce and delete the frequency of any non-narcotic habit, which has now formed a part of your life. Suppose, you have a habit after you take tea every time. You have to go out and hide in a corner because law now bans doing that publicly. This habit also calls you compulsorily, after your meals, at the end of your meeting, begin thinking, your phase of worry, anxiety and emotional disturbance. You may add to your list the other situations when something inside you compels to take resort to that habit. You know by now that it is all about the useless sermons of leaving smoking. By now, possibly you may stop reading this article further, like I used to do. But before you switch to another blog article, spending a few minutes with me may not be totally useless. Remember your last harassments for smoking in the public place, anger of your dear ones and choking conditions in the smoking rooms of airports, Knocking of the bathroom doors of train by GRPF to catch you red-handed and your last promise to stop smoking. You could not do so. Possibly you did not adjust you body clock. My 20 friends and myself did it successfully to the extent that we today are permanent non-smokers. Want to get rid of the harassments and join us or at least want to know how we did it? Then read further.

Are you a "night owl" or an "early bird?" The answer depends on a biological "clock" in your brain. This molecular clock controls many natural body cycles -- from the time you wake up each morning to rhythmic changes in body temperature and blood hormone. This is known as body Clock. Scientists have learned that special genes control these clocks, which can be reset by mental and external conditions. Knowledge of these clocks is leading to an improved understanding of biological cycles and new ways of treating disorders such as insomnia. Your main body functions like sleeping, awakening time hunger etc can be reset but with the associated habits can be reduced and finally be deleted, which is true in the case of Non-narcotic habit like smoking. Actually your body clock has been taken as hostage by your habit of smoking like the Extremists do and ask for a ransom. Here this extremist is smoking habit and through body clock it is sending messages to your nervous system that with the current level of nicotine in your blood the task asked for shall not be performed. So the demand of ransom is met by lighting a cigarette. This destructive extremist has a clear picture of your body traits and sets the alarms in your body clock at various intervals and at various physiological and physico-chemical conditions. As you finish your lunch or tea, start your thinking or your worries baffle you, there is a change in your body temperature, blood pressure or hormone secretion and the alarm rings with a ransom message “light a cigarette otherwise the body will not function/ you shall feel better” etc.

How to fight it out? My experiments with the truth of body clock:
I was a smoker and made many attempts to get rid of it. Sometimes I failed; sometimes I was temporarily successful for some period. Lastly I tried with body clock techniques and I was successful. An eager friend soon shared my knowledge and his success led to form a group, which worked out with cent percent success of leaving smoking. We discussed and proceeded systematically and here is how we are going. We divided our existing smoker friends in three categories and started working on it. Lastly I thought to blog it out to share it for a larger platform.
Case 1.For persons of strong will power.
If your will power is very strong then just like good batsman disturbs the line and length of the bowler i.e. do not pay heed to the alarm say “get out”. After ringing for few times in the day you will see the ransom note in demanding voice has come to begging terms asking you to smoke. You may have a headache by now. There are three SUGGESTIONS.
1. Inhale and exhale heavily. 2. Press the both ends of your forehead and release 5 to 10 times. 3. Meet your doctor friend and tell him everything he may give some medicines for few days to continue. In fact when you smoke you do the same inhaling and exhaling but with an amount of nicotine and carbon monoxide. While inhaling and exhaling only with fresh oxygen you are doing the same thing with no harm for your body.
Case 2 For people with moderate will power(I belong to this): We have to proceed tactfully.
A. Induct all the fear elements of smoking in your mind repeatedly. (Many left cigarettes because the fear element only was sufficient for them)
1.Remember the warnings of your Company’s doctor friend while showing your chest x-ray during the last cough and cold episode.
2. Your above X-ray reports denied your entry to factory and Mines premises and your colleague visited the site earning more points and ahead of you for getting premium increment points.
3. Your recent harassments in the public place, the rejection at the intimate moment of your dear ones for the smell of your mouth.
B. Identify the major times of call for smoke, say it could be your after every time you take tea, meals, going to toilets or the emotional bad times.
C. Take one by one. Like a tiger You may target the weak ones first and the strong desires last. Do not say outright “No” to the ransom note of smoking from the body-clock, put it on a snooze note as like your mobile alarm. If you are successful in breaking one alarm time today, tomorrow another along with the first. If you have successfully avoided the smoking after getting up, tomorrow the next is the after breakfast (if this happens to be existing). Each time fill this clock-time by some other activity. After you get up switch on the TV or music or telephone someone or if you so want to Jog and Jog. Next day you will see for yourself after you get up you are putting on the TV not the Cigarette. You are convinced and gradually you will reduce your smoking. And soon smoking habit shall be a past.
D. In case of strong headache first try the step 1 and 2 for the Case 1 people and you will see head ache reduces. At this time your smoking habit is no more in demanding terms but there shall be other kind of auto-suggestions like “a little smoking is not injurious”, “ that gives you a male-look”, “ got stuck up in this urgent report, smoke now, you will be charged”. Just ignore all of them. If your headache persists visit your doctor friend you shall be all right. You have killed this extremist like habit and your body clock is now free like the Taj Hotel from the extremist operation.
Case 3. For People with very low will power. They believe they can never get out of this habit and need the help and counseling from others particularly from Case2 group who are mentally nearer to this group. To motivate them the following attempts made by us were successful.
A. First let us not talk about leaving smoking to them but enquire from them the major body clock alarms for cigarette. Fill one of the alarms continually for days together with some other activity. When one of their body clock alarms is set free then start convincing. He may still say “no” to you but shall be only eagerly watching you.
B. Induct the fear element in his mind and then tell the process to reduce first as discussed above.
C. The next steps are same as case 2 group but he needs to be monitored. He may revert back to this habit. Without coaxing, once again convince him and find out which body clock is still to win. Because there may be sudden hidden body clock, which has now surfaced out, or some autosuggestion convinced him. We are his friend and we got to do it. It may be so his new fill times are not interesting.
In Summary the steps are as follows:
1.Evaluate your mental category e.g. whether your will power is strong, moderate or weak.
2.Identify the body clock alarm times e.g. after break fast, lunch, boss’s call, period of worries etc.
3. Depending on the mental category plan your attacks and intensity of attacks.
4. Depending on your mental category intensify the fear element. Remember many-left smoking after the first indication of heart attack or cancer. But by that time smoking has completed the destruction. Fill the alarm time by new things. This fill time must be very attractive to you.
5. The physical discomforts are temporary; you may try the tips given e.g. deep inhaling and exhaling, pressing the forehead corners and lastly visit your doctor friend.

The power of the body clock is immense. It can change a person; it may modify some of discomforts to comfort. Not only smoking you may get rid of any non-narcotic habit permanently.
To start with, you first do the experiment on yourself. Upon being successful first form a small group preferably with group 2 people. With group 1 people the reactions of others are that it is too easy for him/them to do so. With group 3 people it is very tough to get a success alone. By initiating you get a double edge. You automatically induct a fear element in your subconscious mind not to revert back to that habit because people may laugh at you for doing so. We are now experimenting the wonders of body clock with persons of blood sugar and overweight having tremendous affinity for sweets or alcohols. Please share this experiment with your smoking friend and tell me the flaws. We shall be benefited with your suggestions and comments.


Sucharita Sarkar said...

Since the spouse and i do not smoke, the article was interesting but did not help us directly. Looking forward to a post on how to reduce weight by adjusting body clock. I'm a night-owl forced to wake up early because of my job and my daughter's school.

Pradip Biswas said...

Sucharita: Please circulate it to your smoker friends I am very eager to know their reactions and suggestions.
My knowledge in the subject of obessity is very less. Whatever I know is through discussions from others. Please verify my suggestions.
There are 2 primary reasons for overweight a) heredity causing hormonal imbalance b) Foodhabit and some other habits.
a) Can be optimised to some extent
b) body clock may be activated to avoid some kind of food intakes which has become a habit e i.e. eating sweets, icecreams after food, without potatoes the curry is tasteless.
I belong to catergory a) but have to climb hill, walk at least 10-20Km in a day and eat jungle fruits in my lunch. Only meal is breakfast and evening dinner that too becomes limited towards the end week of the field trip because of limited rations. So although I am around 70-75 kilos till now I have by god's grace no glycemia or hypertension and move faster than my young counterparts.

Junia said...

Very nicely written and very well documented.
this is very helpful article for development of will power..
thanks and hats off to u for sharing such a valuable thought in such an easy manner :)

soudip said...

i completely agree to this mind clock concept and found it useful. Thx for giving a detailed explaination on this.
Loved the flow in this write up.

Smita Tewari said...

Nobody listens to unsolicited advice, Pradip, not even your own dear ones. I lost my brother to lung cancer because of excessive smoking, & my son remains a chimney. Stops talking to me if I ask him to give up. So distressed. Now advise...

Smita Tewari said...

Yes, Pradip,
I am not only overweight, but also a diabetic & suffering from hypertension, with an enlarged heart. Yet, love doing the mountains, undaunted by anything.
Love good food, good lifestyle.
How will the body-clock therapy help?