Sunday, February 2, 2014

Burpees, the great calorie Burner.

 Burppe is a four-step high intensity full body exercise programme in which   almost all the muscles of the body work out at once by burning a lot of calorie in a very short time.
The four steps are a combination of a
·       SQUAT
·       PUSH-UP
These are repeated as per the requirement and physical limitation of the individual. Extreme athletes, elite Military forces, football, and ruby players regularly include them in their workout routines for the quick and effective benefits. All of them include it in their regular exercise for excellent physical fitness and reflex power of the muscles. 
Why Burpees?

1.   They burn mega calories

 Burpees burn up 50% more fat than moderate exercise because it is an intense full body exercise.

2.   They make the body stronger than other exercise

This is full body strength training and the ultimate example of functional fitness making you to work up your arms, chest, quads, and hamstrings.

3.   They’re great for conditioning and endurance

    4. Burpees can be added to almost any workout

    5. They’re portable and require no equipment

Basic Burpee:

To perform basic Burpees, the simple steps are:
Begin in a squat position, with hands on the floor in front of you.
Kick your feet back to a push-up position.
Immediately return your feet to the squat position.
Leap up as high as possible from the squat position.

( source: downloaded from internet)

These steps are repeated in quick succession to get the maximum benefits. When performing Burpees, the success key is to perform them in quick succession in order to get the conditioning benefits this exercise is famous for.

Besides the basic Burpees, there are few other tested variations for best results.

·       Burpee with push-up. This is normal  burpee , but after kicking  out the  feet to a push-up position,  a full push up. Is done rapidly.
·       Burpee with dive-bomber push-up. Instead of just doing a full push-up,  a dive bomber push-up is made.

·       Burpee with Pull-up. Stand underneath a pull-up bar or tree branch that is high enough so that one has to leap to reach it. Perform a Burpee normally, but at the time of leap up grab the bar and perform a pull-up.


Burpees are for everyone, because Burpees help every person to scorch fat, rev up metabolism and get the body conditioned which no other exercise can do. 
Burpees burn 563 calories to 745 calories per hour between the weight ranges of 155 to 205 ponds.

While Burpees burn up the excess fat, trim the body and give the desired fitness and endurance, one must consult a dietitian for a proper diet and follow it strictly for persistent trouble free long-term results.

In my profession of mineral exploration from junior to senior-most geologists require to move in the realms of tough terrains and a good amount of physical fitness. We found Burpee very much useful.