Thursday, February 14, 2013


Valley and Tony came out of their campus of Love Institute  for their last practical assignment of “Proposing”. Today is 13th   Feb and they have got only a day left. They did well in all the theoretical papers like “Love SMS writing”  “Kaamsutra”, “ Optimized winking” , “ Quick metamorphosis of Friend into GF” “ Management of multiple GFs”  “ Snatching others GFs" but failed miserably in higher level Practical tests. In the last two live practical sessions, they did very badly. 
In the traffic signal session instead of winking at the assigned object, they winked the traffic Policewoman. In the Park session, Valley forgot to shift the initial position of park bench to the Bush and was caught by garden security man. Tony shifted nicely but he added more reagents of Lips and finally bore marks of sandals on his face.
They were warned by the Institute authorities to improve their grades otherwise their names won’t even be recommended for the modest placement like “settled marriage”.
Right now, at early morning, Valley and Tony are on their way to their middle level round of “First date” practical test lab in Joggers suite at the Municipality Park. They have passed the elementary level of telephonic round arranged by the Placement department of the institute. They have done well in the “apti” as lovers.  Both got  confirmed SMS responses, managed the “Maali” of the park to supply the best  fresh roses minus thorns and …
Valley said “And what Tony?”
“ few sticker bandages, painkiller sprays”
“ Don’t think negative. Do you have cigarettes?”
“ Shh…. We are supposed to be non-smokers, goody boys who get up early morning and make ten rounds in the park, very fit and health conscious types.”
“Remember Rina Mam’s tips, when you are nervous better think on something but not to far away from the subject”
“Tell me something, why middle of the month of Feb is chosen as V- day?”
“Stupid question. It is the saint’s birthday.”
“That is common answer. You must be above ordinary.”
“ Well! That is the date and month, which all our associates thought as best for them to lessen our credit cards balances and serve us smoothly for offer selling.”
“ Explain”

“ Month wise,  February is the tail end of Marriages selling. The sources of “Valentine offers” are the not so liked, unsold and returned dresses, cosmetic and Jewellary items. Since these items look like marriage items, the ‘likers’ of buyers like them as symbols of “coming soon- Green signal”. 
“But, what about the most busy Florist Guys? How come they also come in the “Offer circle”. There cannot be any kind of thing like that as you have said just now.”
“You know something.  The florists often keep on flowers a fresh live look by spraying something. You remove the top transparent cover and they fall on your feet. The offer ones at a thrown away price belongs to that.”
“You are just too much of negative thinker. Now be on your toes, we are nearing the main gate of the park. Just look at the entry ticket counter. Our Instructor  Murlidhar Sir is having a chat with them.”
“You mean those pair of  8 s.”
“You stupid, otherwise why should he have a chat with them? He already has a good looking thin GF”
“Valley! You better go for the test.”
“You are skipping the test. You may be asked to leave the institute empty hand, No diploma for you.”
“I am not going to do that also. Look at the slim gal just twenty meters away.”
“You better take out the sticker bandages from my pocket. Have you seen the lased Spaniel following her and that is out of the syllabus”
“You get bonus marks for attempting that and come within Top ten.”
“O.K best of luck but I know I shall see you in the visitor’s time at the institute hospi. This one is pet, you may not need the Anti rabies injections.”
“ Thank You, But tell me why do you want to go for it just because you thought you can save on buying Mattress on your bed?”
“ You idiot, In your B-school did you not accept a low paid placement  in a not so desired job? Why? Because, after a year’s exposure, you have always a chance to switch over to a top company. I shall do exactly that.
“ Good luck to you also.”
Victory or Valentine or both, with bright sun rays under the clear sky of  Mid Feb, their day starts right now.