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His name is Birju Swain, some says Sain ji and others as "Swine" to tease him and his wife. They have a push-cart, selling Tea only and occasionally " Beson Bhunjia". A small board swings continually Swain's Fly Tea Cart to avoid any trouble from the Estate department of Mining Colony and Police.

This shop is seen daily, near the township Park from 5-30A.M to 7.00A.M and then in the Interstate Bus Stand till evening. His shop is very famous and outsells all other tea cart's although at present he is facing a whispering campaign "Swine flu Chai Dukkan" just by twisting the name of this Tea cart.

He sells varieties of teas. Traditional CTC tea boiled in Milk, Steaming hot water sprayed on tea stainer containing tea leaves and special Herbal black tea. The last variety is prepared with Tulsi-adrak-Basak and fresh Honey. With the spread of the rumor of Swine Flu this tea is now in hot demand.

To counter the whispering campaign by his competitors to day he has hung another Ad ' For 4 cups of tea and 1 plate Giloua( गिलौया)Pakoda, only one face mask free'. A famous Yoga Baba advised in TV that Chewing Giloua stems can save you from Swine Flu. The purpose of giving this Ad was perhaps chew Giloua Pakoda and combined with Face mask, do not Panic and throng as many numbers as you can near my Tea Shop. There shall be no spread of this deadly disease.

I asked for 4 cups for me and my friends. While tasting the Pakoda one of my friend told" have you seen ...Baba advising chewing the stem of this herb? I heard this is available in the forest. Can you get me one?" My site is inside a deep forest and I go there daily. I said " I do not know this herb. My friends gave me one during morning walk in the Park but I think I have now some throat problem? " गले में खराश? यू हवे sore throat " Coincidentally I have some difficulty with drinking hot herbal tea and I coughed.

This was a peak rush hour and people near me overheard me . Before I could look back, the crowd near the Tea shop melted thin and disappeared. Some people snatched some face mask without any order. The couple gave me a deadly look only. The lady threw a couple of masks although I deserved only one.

My friends separated at a far distance from me and yelled" Dr. Biswas, go to your house and stay there only and use the mask." News particularly rumors spray here more than supersonic speed and I saw that before reaching my residence.

I was reaching near to my residence and could identify my wife who was waiting anxiously at the gate. She prepared some mask last night for the children's drama for the Independence day programme and picked up the funniest one to place on her otherwise beautiful face to save herself.

Whether up to the specified micron thickness or not after all this is a mask and a must wear when the most absent minded creature of the world she ever saw( this is my decoration ever since my marriage) is the first patient of the colony.

She opened the gate, at that time a phone call saved me from the german'Gestapo' type interrogation. Doctor Chaturvedi a reputed senior Physician with a roaring practice was calling " Dr. Biswas tell Mrs Biswas to prepare those Nice Mughlai Parathas for me. I have few patients right now but I shall be at your residence positively within half an hour. "

With mask on, I communicated this to "her highness". The news of his arrival made her relieved. She pointed that armchair for me and left for kitchen. Well thank You Doctor for saving me from Immediate trouble but I understood your message. If you come to my chamber I shall loose 10-20 patients for the day. It is better to have a visit fee along with Mughlai Paratha. It is true, she makes one of the best Mughlai Paratha in this colony.

An hour later when I opened the gate for him his first words were
"Remove that mask and let me have a look at you."

He pulled a chair and sat beside me and started checking me.
" Since when you had that throat trouble?"
" An hour before. I am now feeling as if few needles are pricking my throat."
" You have a clear chest. But that smell in your esophagus ... Did you eat any thing, any chewable thing"
With my elephant's memory(I have a body like that also) I tried to scan well beside that herbal tea ..." well I chewed some Gioloua from the Park."
" Are you sure that was Giloua and why did you chew that?"
I refereed to that Tv Show in a News Channel prescribed by a Yogi Baba for a prevention cum cure for Swine Flu.

" Do you have a sample of that?"
I fished out from my pocket and showed to him. He covered that with a tissue paper and threw it to the dustbin.
" Never Mind Dr. Biswas. I know that herb. This one is not Gilloua. The one you chewedis diiferent and you are allergic to that. Your tongue and esophagus have been affected. Who else collected that?"

I answered " a lot many who claimed to know that collected from a corner of the Park. I followed them. They also chewed that."
" I may have few more patients like you if they are not immune to that herb."

My wife arrived with the the trolley, the aroma of Mughlai Paratha broke the dam of saliva and filled the mouths of both of us. . She studied our face reactions and appeared to be relived.

"Good Morning Mrs. Biswas. I have good News for you. This is a simple case of throat allergy. Will you please pass that Tamarind sauce to Dr. Biswas?"
My wife unwillingly passed that to me. " Take a spoonful of that and pass it slowly through your mouth"
Within a minute that needle pricking reduced.
Doctor Chaturbedi said" Are you better now?"
" Oh ! yes now somewhat better than before. "
Doctor Chaturvedi handed me a small vial of Physician's sample " If I may use your wash room then we may proceed. Myself for washing my hand before having these Parathas and you may gurgle a bit with this medicine."

Putting the tap waters at full speed I whispered to Doctor" Thank for not disclosing that chewing episode to her."
He whispered back" I saw her yesterday buying new Broomsticks " We both laughed loud and heard the ringing of bangles behind the door. May be with the sound of tap water she heard only our laughs.

When I returned, Doctor Chaturvedi finished one Partha and was enjoying the remaining half of another Paratha with a dash of homemade sauce. My wife was insisting for another but he refused." Another time Madam. My patients are waiting."
"Well Doctor if you may please spare few moments"
" Yes go on but till I receive another call from my assistants in my Chamber"
" How were you so sure that I am not having that disease?"
" Trade secrets. But I may tell you we observe certain physical symptoms. When an unknown virus infects your body the immune systems are on the full swing action drawing more energy from the body. People usually limp or spit throwing out the dead cells forming mucus on the throat.On my arrival the way you got up and opened the gates for me, your physical reactions do not suggest that. I checked further and found the system of your body working at normal pace and then I detected those marks of allergy. I tell you one thing. Children, senior persons and persons already having some illness of are more prone to this attack of new virus. Because their immune system is already engaged with fighting out the existing and have less energy to fight for a new arrival and that too unknown."
I asked " what is so special about this unknown?"

Doctor Chaturvedi replied" When Cholera, Typhoid was new, many people died. As time passed, the defence mechanism identified the germs and produced 'Antibody'. This virus is new, with time, body shall identify this virus and keep the required antibody prepared. The virus itself is not very strong. It may affect only the people, whose defense mechanism is already weak and most unlikely for you to become an easy prey. What is required is not to panic and get treated by a Doctor and not taking any unidentified object for Chewing as you did."

As he was opening the door of his car I saw a vehicle marked 'PRESS' stopped. I know these people, they are from the local news channel "Dainik Tehlka". My news of H1N1 virus attack spread well.

Upon being discouraged by the Doctor, they left immediately. I was an object of tremendous 'News Value" being the first case of Swine flu and an attractive material fit for a Front Page story. But Now I am just an ordinary simple man.

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( This is one of my sweet memory of boyhood days narrated in a story form. The actual names of the characters are changed)

Unlike others, they come back home from school not in the crowded school bus but through a shortcut and reach township only little later than the Bus.

The journey on foot is more exciting to them and provided more pleasures and mischief. Today is one such day.

The four boys are Shyam, Nitya, Deva and Kartik. They yell and shout so much that people crossing them and living in the houses falling on their path know their names.

Right now, they are crossing a lane. A big garden-house, surrounded by barbed walls and a long front gate is on that lane. The house-owner visits frequently from the adjoining town .A caretaker, whose eyes are always red as an after-effect of drinking “Bhaang”, looks after the house. His afternoon siesta hours coincide with the return timings of these boys.

The gangue of four now looked at the empty guava trees and sighed so high that few leaves from the tree fell to the ground.

Deva said" Only yesterday this tree, near the boundary, was full with guavas. We only picked up just six of them"

Nitya said angrily " That toothless 'Maali' ( Gardener)must have sold all the guavas to buy 'Bhang 'for his siesta"

Shyam and Kartik now angrily threw few stones, which failed to break his sleep but his new "desi" dog barked loudly and came near the big long gate.

The closed tall gate assured them all the protection and they made some ill postures making the dog to bark more loudly. That was sufficient to disturb the intoxicated afternoon siesta of the gardener cum watchman.

He came limping near the gate giving the boys time enough to hide near the other sides of the wall. Finding none, the dormant “Vesuvius” in him became active through his mouth venting out the filthiest possible swears in Hindi. The boys enjoyed the violent reactions of him from their hideout. The watchman and his dog disappeared.

Nitya said "One of you take out your color pencil box. I have an idea. I read a notice of the house owner at the front wall just near the gate. That needs to be amended." The notice was written with deep orange color in bold captions.

" TO LET .

Nitya took out a matching color pencil and filled the gap between To and Let with an appropriate Vowel. After reading the 'corrected' version of the notice, they laughed loudly and left quickly.

Near the adjoining crossing, Shyam said " Stop here for a moment. Look, Satya and his group have just arrived. This notice was hanging in the gate yesterday, nobody read. Now see they are looking at the empty trees and reading the notice ( the notice now read as TOILET....)"

"Aare Deva! Look, Satya and party took the notice seriously and they are performing an appropriate action."

They were sure of future recurrence of this activity by the next team arriving shortly. Who knows even elders passing this garden house may also join? Why should the 'Malli' fellow eat these guavas all alone? Let him smell the stink also.

They are now entering the township. Before dispersing to respective houses Shyam and Nitya sat on a twin seat at the Bus stand as if just like all other 'good boys' they also just came down from the Bus and taking a rest.

Shyam was looking minutely at the garden of one residential Quarter. Few corns are hanging down the fence. "The uncle- auntie of that house left for a walk. Nitya, these corns should not go waste. Let us pick them. The gardeners in the park have now put fire on the garbage. That is the best place to roast them. Who wants those Maggie's every day?"

The boys picked a good number of Corns. They peeled the green leaves of corns and threw the green leaves deliberately just near the gate. Uncle and Auntie after their return from their walk may make loud " Hai- hai" and they may enjoy the same from the Park.

The uncle and auntie of that house instead of entering the house changed their mind. Frustrating the boys, the couple decided to take a rest in the park. The boys sat under a tree and opened their school bags. They posed as very sincere students who started their home works before entering their house. They have to wait for the couple to leave the park and approach near their residence to discover the missing corns. Auntie has a shrill voice. It is a worthwhile waiting to enjoy the “Hai- hai” performance coming out of her large open mouth.

Shyam said " do you know the simile.. for Kitchen?"

Deva Said "Pantry"

" Are you sure Deva? Mam shall beat us if it is wrong."

" I am sure. That is the place where Moms of every House tries some thing on Pans."

" Most of which are boring like Maggie's?"

" I do not Know my friend."

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Driving 300km through NH 43 from Raipur, the capital of Chhatisgarh, we reached Jagdalpur at about 2 P.M. It was a fortunate clear sky in the month of july in Chhatisgarh. We took this oppurtunity to see some steel grade limestone deposits around Jagdalpur of Chhatisgarh . As we were planning to work on the Limestone deposit on the following day we were looking for a good hotel In Jagdalpur a district city of Chhatisgarh. Besides many budget hotels there are 4-5 good hotels at Jagdalpur. We stopped near Rainbow hotel just at the heart of the city and there I had a different idea. I told my counterparts" If you want to see the real rainbow on the Niagara of India it is Chitrakut and just 30 km towards Northwest through a equally good road of NH 43. There is a good resort just by the side of the waterfall. It shall be a full moon light and you may view the waterfall as long as you want. Further more our limestone deposits arealso near to that" The idea sold like hotcake and we immediately started. Half an hour later we were hearing the roaring sound of waterfall even from 2 Km away. Reaching at the parking lot about 500 m away from the fall I put my raincoat and gumboot and I told them "if you do not mind wetting your dress and spoiling your shoes you may dress like me, choice is yours." Looking at the sky with little cloud some preffered not to dress like and repented later on. As we reached near to the fall, the drops of water were already wetting few of us but those who followed me enjoyed a wonderful scene. The river indravati fed by the huge catchments of rainwaters both from Orissa and Chhatisgarh is in it's youthful energy. The place near the fall is about 300m wide and forms a horse shoe shape just before the fall.

The water was falling to a vertical drop of 100feet and a nice rainbow was formed in the sky by the combinations of continual sprayed droplets of water and the falling lightrays of the setting sun .
The full moon flooded the sky and we continued till late night seeing this fall from our rooms from the resort. I saw this waterfall so many times while propecting for limestone deposits. But as our work mostly take place during winter I saw the calm waterfall. The seven distinct falls from this horshoe shaped opening is clearly seen at that time.

1. From Raipur end: Raipur being the state capital of Chhatisgarh is well connected by Air and Rail on Bombay-Howrah route Via Nagpur.
From Raipur through NH 43 the district headquarter of Jagdalpur is 300 Km. From
Jagdalpur it is only 30Km. Lots of Volvo delux buses ply from Raipur on Raipur- Bailadila route. This route offers spectacular view of the forests betwwen Dhamtari and Kanker. Between Kanker to Keshkal the drive through a spiralling high way through a hill is spectacular.
2. From the Vizag end: One may also follow train route of Jagdalpur from Vizag, the Coastal city of Andhra pradesh. Vizag is well connected by train and Air. This is a spectacular journey, the train route follows the highest broadgauge tracks of the world passing through 28 tunnels. Delux buses also run from Vizag to Jagdalpur.
From Jagdalpur it is advisable to hire a private car or Jeep on contract basis.
Stay: Jagdalpur has both budget and luxary hotels. People prefering to stay at Chitrakut may either stay at the Luxary resort just near the waterfall or few more hotels which are also at walking distance. But from these hotels the spectacular view of waterfall partcularly at night is not possible. The lighting arrangements are there to view this but nothing comparable to naturall lighting of fullmoon days. on full moon days the lighting system is kept shut.
Other places to visit near to this: There are seven such places around Jagdalpur. Three of them are very near to Jagdalpur within a radius of 35-40 Km. The rest may take 3-4 hours to reach by car. All places are connected by good road.
1.Maharaja palace and also known as Bastar palace at Jagdalpur and museum near the palace is worth seeing.The Bastar Palace, one of the splendid creations by the King Dalpat Deo of Kaktia manifesting superior art and architecture of yesteryears. In 1936 Maharaja Pravir Chandra Bhanjadeo became the first oriya ruller. He was killed in a "police action" on 25 March 1966 when he revolted against the Union Of India for the rights of tribals in his erstwhile principality, hundreds of tribals got killed in that police action defending their Maharaja, who ultimately succumbed to 13 bullet injuries in Baster Palace.
2. Dalpat Sagar lake: spread over 400 hecters in the town built by Maharaja Dalpat deo Kakatiya is also worth seeing. The evening sunray falling on this lake and the return of series of boats of fisher men and their songs of local fairy tale of Maharaja makes agreat relaxing evening. You may also enjoy the boating in this lake.
3.The Tirathgar waterfall :
This is in the kanger valley National Park and another spectacular fall, about 45 Km from Jagdalpur.
4. Dantewada Temple:

This at a distance of 87 km from Jagdalpur at the spectacular confluence of Dankini and Sankhini river.Parts of the dead body of Goddess Sati were scattered to fifty-two different places, which were consecrated as Shakti Pithas by different names. It is believed that a tooth of Sati had fallen here and Danteshwari Shaktipith was established. Resurrection of the present construction of temple was done before Independence of India. The temple is divided into four parts such as Garbh Griha, Maha Mandap, Mukhya Mandap and Sabha Mandap. Garbha Griha and Maha Mandap were constructed with stone pieces. It is said that several statues were brought from Barsur and were established here. A Garud Pillar has been erected in front of entrance of the temple, which was brought from the temple of Barsur.Chalukya rulers were the dedicated devotees of
5.Barsur : 75 KMs from Jagdalpur on the way to Dantewada a small town Geedam is situated, 24 KMs towards North of Geedam village Barsur is located on the banks of Indravati. The present small sleepy village was once the capital of Gangawanshi rulers in 840 A.D. It is believed that there used to be 147 temples and equal number of ponds here in the towering days of Barsur. Some of the temples worth mentioning are Mama-Bhanjaa temple, Chandraditya temple, Battisa temple and a mammoth statue of Lord Ganesha. Apart from these temples one vast pond of pre-historical days is worth visiting.
6.Bodhghat Sath Dhar : - 6 KMs from Barsur, river Indravati divides into 7 parts to form one small waterfall. This spot, fully covered with dense green forests stands to explain the beauty of the combination of the river, water and the mountains. With all its beauty and peaceful locality Sath Dhar is an idle picnic spot.
7.Kutumsar cave and the musical Kailash Gufa: Both situated in the Kanger Valley National Park, stand at 38 km and 40 km from Jagdalpur respectively. The Kutumsar Caves which are 1327 meters long display magnificent formations of stalactites and stalagmites and are probably the darkest of their sort, 35 meters below the ground level. These are possibly the world’s second largest caves formed naturally and house five natural chambers and quite a few blind wells.
The Kailash Gufa is situated on a small hillock and looks similar to the Kutumsar Caves. A 100 meters long cave, it is also pitch dark and has a narrow entrance. Discovered in 1993, the cave houses stalactites and stalagmites galore. There is a special stalagmite formation which can be seen at the end of the cave in the shape of a Shivlinga. The reverberations caused here are strangely musical.
People coming from Vizag end enjoying the serene beuaty of the hills,valleys and tunnels may stop over at Arraku for a night to see this wonderful hillstation.
35 km from Dantewada, Bailadila is the largest mechanised opencast mines of iron ore where N.M.D.C is currently mining. Essar and Tisco are also likely to put up their mines shortly and at present detailed exploration is going on. Myself and my team are working on this. We enjoy the beauty of this place and quite often take rest beside this fall.People interseted in seeing these may also visit. Permission to see the mines may be obtained from N.M.D.C Authorities.

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It lasts for usually for 35 minutes if not delayed by proper signals and handling lever problems of level gates. It blows entirely hot for many times, seldom cold but occasionally enjoyable when it is a mixture of both.  This is my regular "daily passenger's ignoble and grueling strife of  the local train journey. But  I prefer and enjoy this daily forward and return journey from my residence to office and back.
I stay at Barrackpore,  a suburb of Kolkata, about 35 Km distance  from the main city and my office at Park street. Barrackpore, a historical cantonment town is also a terminus station has few advantages. At least at the time of forward journey a comfortable seat near the window is almost guaranteed.

I am a   newcomer in this city who lived in deep forests for most of his professional life. But now being posted at H.O I stay at Kolkata and gradually started learning to live here and the most important part of it is how to go in a local train minimizing the troubles. I learnt few  thumb rules.
The most coveted seat is near window facing in the forward direction of train movement. The most beneficial standing is standing between two rows of benches, no pushing and occasionally if luck showers,  you may get a seat.

I usually prefer the super packed up Kalyani Local of 6.30P.M and deliberately reach the platform just at the optimum time of 5 minutes before the leaving. Time earlier and later than this I miss many things.

Pushing a bit and taking the elderly man's advantage I placed myself standing near the door. Just a minute before leaving, the great push placed me luckily in the corridor just below a fan. The train started moving, the people standing near the doors extended their hand to pick up the some passengers running in the platform to make the last minute dangerous effort.

One young man sitting just near to me offered me a seat but I pushed another deserving one. Another young man went further. He vacated his seat giving more comfort to the sitting rest but stood near the window blocking the fresh air.

One of his friend said" Nothing unusual, his party is also vacating Bengal."
" This is our policy. We are ready to suffer for the comfort of others. Our party's defeat is temporary one"
" That was not a temporary one, it shall continue. You lost because you people desperately started snatching the fertile lands of the Villagers. You people thought that you can force the villagers to bow down before you, but they braved the booth jams and kicked you back."
" Oh why can't you people keep cool man. Saurav never mind these naughty bums. "
" No you see those EVM machines are...."

It is too hot here and not very interesting to me. The train left Bidhannagar and with a greater push I was shifted to another position in the corridor.

This time I was in between two sitting rows facing opposite to each other. On my left were kids returning from the same school and on my right there were young boys and girls probably from the same college.

" You know today the smartest boy Subham was caught."
" Subham! How come?"
" You know he wrote in his home work copy We get milk from packets. I corrected him. I told him the cows give us the milk and while milking the milk in the bucket is hot. He corrected and went a step further. He wrote we get milk and Curd from the Cow. Mam asked him to explain. He said that while milking the milk is hot. So if a piece of tamarind is fed to cow you can straight way get the curd." People standing with me also laughed a lot.

In the other side in the row of young boys and girls also there was an IDEA MASTER.
" One should propose a girl taller than him. You know why? In future there shall be peace and love in their small nest. Her yells will be over your ears. She has to lower her neck to talk to you and you know that is only when they whisper and blush."
with common roars of laughter some one from them said " What an Idea Sir ji!"
 SirJi is very popular and he is also known as Guruji. A "Bhakt" of him came near to him
 " Guru, that day the song you are singing aiming to flirt that hippo ..."
 " Yes Go On"
You were singing " OH Hansini, Oh Plussini, but I did not quite get you"
" Oh that day, another thin bird was also by her side. Aarre  Buddhu! Hans means  Duck. So Hansini is 'Duckini' and Plus means Yoga. So Plusini means Yogini. I was actually calling them Dakini- Yogini " Now even the elderly people sleeping in the  comfortable seats of window compelled to get up from their evening dosing with the roars of laughter.

Stoppage "Sodepur" came and the crowd became little thin. Two more stoppages to Barrackpore and I was proceeding towards the gate.
I had a glimpse of a middle aged person who was still running in the platform. The young men near the doors picked him up. The man instead of thanking was roaring. 
" Aare what sort of people you are? "
" We only helped you Dada and you are angry."
" Why should I not be. I was only two compartments before you. I could jump out of the Compartment at the last moment and I was running so that I do not fall. Now for the sake of you people I am back in the train."

A gentleman known to him came near to him controlling his laughter and consoled" Dada get down at Barrackpore, you shall get an empty up train. "
"I shall be more than half an hour late. And these flowers from Mallickghat, with so much heat they may get spoiled."
" Flowers for Boudi. Dada I forgot. Wish you a happy marriage anniversary. Dada be a little late carry a big packet of famous Biryani From "Dada Boudi" Restaurant just near the Barrackpore Station. Boudi shall forget her tempers and be too happy."
" That's an Idea"the man now no longer grumbled.

While he was at the platform the young men who lifted him from Sodepur Said" Happy Marriage anniversary Sir. Show this token card at "Dad-Boudi". We contacted the manager from our cell. A gift packet is getting ready for you. Please accept our gift of Special Biryani in Hot pack ."
Proceeding to No 14 level crosing gate I looked at a big hoarding and mumbled " WHAT AN IDEA SIR JI!"

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Four points each

I was Tagged by Sucharita in her blog Past Continues to write this blog.

A. Four moments of Laughter in my life:
1. A misunderstood help:
The local train just moved from Belgharia station and people near the door lifted a running man.
On boarding the compartment, he angrily said, "You people pulled me up unnecessarily. I was one compartment before this compartment. I could get down at the last moment from the running train and ran in the forward direction so that I would not fall. Now I have to go back to Belgharia for the sake of you people."
2. "Snakes" in a tea shop:
In a busy tea shop the glass jars filled with snacks misspelled as "Snakes". The big signboard of the shop repeated this mistake in bold caption" The best hot tea with cold but fresh SNAKES"
3. Prof. S.G.M. In geochemical lab of IIT Khargpur: Absentminded Professor came to class wearing a banyan (left his shirt in his chamber) and wrote on the board " USE ONLY DILUTED REAGENTS INCLUDING DISTILLED WATER" We were confused at first and broke into laughter after he left the class.
4. Another Prof. of Mech. Engg. dept. I.I.T Kharagpur in his thanks giving speech on the Hallday of Lala Lajpat Rai Hall(Lallu Hall )said by slip of tongue, ( he left few connecting words)" Thank you all. I enjoyed my dinner and my wife too." His embarrassed wife left the stage immediately.
1. Kacchi Biryani: in this Biryani, both raw rice and meat are cooked simultaneously. The aroma of cooked Biryani becomes the envy of neighbors. I tasted this at Hyderabad and Lucknow. I do not know the recipe. Any reader patiently reading upto this may throw light.
2. Fish cooked in a green Leaf. We usually take rest from our fieldwork by the side of a Streamlet. With the soft cotton Napkin (Gamchha), we used to catch small fishes also. After cleaning, we put these fishes in big green leafs and burn the leaf slowly. The leaf burns completely without the fish being burnt but it is nicely cooked. Only salt is to be added and if you so want put drops of mustard oil.
3. Duck roast: (a tribal Preparation modified a little by me)
A.Slit the back of the Duck and take out the intestine.  B.Marinate it with curd and ginger. 
C.Put some half cooked and fried onion-Cumin-garlic paste inside the belly and sew the opening. 
D.Rub oil or butter on the body and leave it for 10-15 minute.  E.Take two earthen dish of equal size and just grease it with oil. Put duck on one and cover it with the other. Seal the joining of two dishes by moistened soil. 
F.Dig a hole on ground and put charcoal on the bottom, keep the earthen dish and now fully cover it with charcoal and ignite charcoal from all sides. After half an hour, the aroma shall tell you that the duck roast is "done".

4. Murri-telebhaja-mixture and tea( puffed rice, small onion pakodas etc). Four of us: one poetess, one short skit writter(my friend GG), one short story writer and one long story writer (myself)used to meet with recent write ups of each of us on Saturdays and this was the food item. I still like it over a literary “Adda” with my friends.
1. Meeting with Indira Gandhi: In 1976 at The OAT of I.I.T Kharagpur I received My Graduation and Post Graduation degree from her hands. She smiled at all of us said "Congratulations, Mr. Biswas"
2. Dinner with Dr. Abdul Kalam Azad at ISM in 1998.(Indian School Of Mines) Dhanbad. He became President of India shortly after that. He met with all of us in the dinner receiving degrees. He enquired from me about my PH.D work and discussed with me for about 5-10 minutes. I was stunned by his deep knowledge in my subject.Next day by alphabetical order and doctoral degree order I was the first to receive my Ph.D from his hands.
3. A narrow escape from a road accident. We were to attend a marriage ceremony and on the National Highway there was a near head on collission but alittle swarve has otherwise saved us the vehicle was badly damaged. we received only scratch type injuries.

4. My last meet with my mother: I was leaving for Saudi Arab, my first assignment of abroad. She came to meet me at Barrackpore. Her last words were " Do a good job and take care. I shall be managing them(my wife and two children)" She was maintainig a very good health. Nine months later she expired suddenly. I did not believe that was my last meet with my mother.
1. My friend GG. (He is a world reputed scientist now, working at NASA. Full name not disclosed): He used to have brain waves occasionally and compelled us to join with him. Few are the followings:
A. Enjoyed the dinner of a marriage ceremony of the daughter of a miser Prof. in the campus being uninvited. We had a fresh haircut and wore Dhoti- Kurta. Prof. easily confused us as members of “Barrati” and made several never before requests for having more sweets. We had a sweet revenge for his past misery of refusing us few cups of Teas at his residence.
B. Posed as beggar in the crowded Gol bazzar of Kharagpur Town and we all earned Rs 25(in 1974) and enjoyed a dinner at Chhedy's( A coffee shop just outside the IIT campus famous for solution point of many problems and designs)
C. Upon being refused a romantic Character in a play, GG successfully proposed and convinced the Director of the play (years elder to him) that he is in with love with her. (We helped very little and were unaware of this fact that this was a drama written by GG long back).
Just before the Grand Viva, he pretended to become mad completely. He went to the chambers of many Professors and told them that all they taught is useless. He met the warden of Sorojini Naidu Hall( ladies hostel) to allow the lovers to meet. The Warden refused this. He broke some glasses and windowpanes and ran away.
However, he did the grand Viva very well. The warden of our Hall told us to rescue him to his home. Only at Kharagpur Platform, we knew all he did was a drama only.
2. Nair Babu: Officially, he was my assistant, but he was more than my guide and friend. I was fresh from the college. He taught me all the technical details of Geological Mapping, Sampling, eye estimation of grade and tactful behavior to manage things
3. Acharayaji: Nairbabu once took me to him. He lived inside a cave of a hill and people used to say that he ate seldom. To me he appeared a Philosopher. He explained to me the meaning of colors and God.

He said" If you do not tune your radio, you are unable to hear Binnaca Geetmala. Tune your mind; you may be able to hear from god."

He refused any future telling or giving medicines or performing any miracles. He only said, "All the bad thing happening around you because the god is trying to communicate something to you so that you may correct the trajectory of your path."
I shall mention about these two persons in detail in my upcoming Novel "Those days, the Jungle days."

4. Manglu Sardar. Our recent field guide. He is also a geologist passing from the University of Nature. We learnt a lot from him. He also listens eagerly from us. He once commented on a short story Of Sarat Babu.

Upon seeing the Dance Drama Of Tagore’s “Shyama”, he pointed out several technical flaws and Said on Shyama" That Beautiful Woman is actually a 'Dahin'(wicked soul performing black magic)

1. A reverse exodus:
The busses, Lorries, bullock carts, special trains moving back and forth towards pre-existing borders of India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan are overloaded. Passengers are as if pasted by Fevicol. People are returning to their old home.
Despite red eyes from super powers, Bharatbarsa, the reunited India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh have made the New Super India.

The Hockey, Cricket, and football teams have become formidable. Super India is now a member of OPEC. Despite ban, many countries are coming to us for tread treaties.
Our Satellites have just reached Mars and recently one satellite is hovering over Bharatbarsa seeking a place to land. It is from a different solar system, saying Billion years back they came here. Our scientists are trying to....

(others break my dream hearing the shouts from me )

2. A commercial break of TV:
Nano rice, wheat, vegetables, oil are available at all supermarkets and malls. You need a small container to buy your monthly grocery.
For a family of four, only four grains of rice and few green dot like vegetables are enough to fill the belly for the dinner.
The cooking is made from a nano gas cylinder fed toy type gas stove and is complete before the serial naming kkkkkkkkkk. starts.
3. My GPS (global positioning system) instrument and Brunton compass both are not working:
I am detached from my field mates during a reconnaissance survey exploration for Iron ore and I am sure the hill in this Island is full of Magnetite.
The sun is about to set and a big white house is seen on a small hillock. A huge rusted iron gate prevents me to enter.
I cleared the bush near the entrance and found a lever like thing. Playing with it suddenly the lever moved and the gate opened.
As I crossed the main gate, blinkering lights came from nowhere and tiny people arrived with bow and arrow. Suddenly, a huge fountain of water started working. From this cover, these liliputs sprayed arrows and I felt ant bites and pain became unbearable.

I found myself in my tent, the generator stopped and mosquitoes were biting me. Hearing my wails, other mates from the nearby tent rushed to my tent and tried to wake me up by blinking their torches.
4. This is the saddest dream:
It was pitching dark and I sat under a tree. The yellow leafs of the tree were falling continuously. Suddenly, somewhere I saw a fire. There was both light and heat. I found it was a funeral pyre. I was scared; I tried to shout for help but failed. This was the saddest dream in my life and it came true.

Four days later, there was a telegram for me" Father serious, Come soon." I reached home and the next day my father expired.
That night I sat under a tree with falling leafs (it was the month of November). When the pyre was lit, I came back to that tree and chill flew in my spine, I saw exactly this in the dream, only four days before.
Four mineral exploration reconnaissance traverse which was full with thrill and fun.

1. Saudi Arabia:. 400km from Riyadh, near Khaniguayah, this was otherwise a unfeasible site for Zinc mineralisation. Myself and my team found out signs of small pockets of very rich Copper and Gold minralisation. This made this deposit as a combined zinc-copper-gold mineralised belt making it economically feasible.

2. Guyana, West indies: Near Makatau river and Brazil border a iron ore mineralisation discovery by myself and my team. We were nearly lost here. In the deep Amazon forest GPS did not work. Rations fell short and our local guides caught two big birds and huge potatoes. Just roasting them on fire we survived for two days and finally found the Makatu river and came back to our camp. Besides George Town, the capital of Guyana, the rest of it was full of forests and infrastructure like road link, electricity was absent.

3. Iran: Ten days reconnaissance work and successful location of two Magnetite deposit and one limestone deposit was full of thrill and fun. Our team enjoyed this work.
4. Indonesia: The toughest field work that I ever did. The forests at Sumatra are very thick .The forest, where we were moving, suddenly caught fire and we ran for life. In the following day, we located a nickel mineralization, which showed prima facie evidences to continue further exploration.

Friday, May 8, 2009

A big adda with HotTea and cold 'Snakes'

I am not In Singapore or any other adjoining country where live snakes are showcased and wait for the customer's choice. This is a crowded teashop near No. 14 railway gate of Barrackpore Station. Barrackpore is a suburb of Kolkata being about 35 KM away from Main Kolkata. The teashop, I am talking, is one of the big Teashops providing sitting accomodation with Fans and TV(donated by a generous regular customer). Two huge kettles are always put on the earthen stove which constantly fumes out the steam. This hot water is pour on glasses through tea stainers containg the dust tea leaf and then milk and sugar is added depending on the order of the customer. One boy supplies the tea and another gives 'Snakes'i.e. cold biscuits from the big glass Jars.The word 'Snakes' are marked by bold with black paint on each jar. New customers point out the spelling mistake, suggest the owner to correct it as 'Snacks'. The regular ones enjoy the spelling mistake and each time and breaks into laughter and tells the owner "Bishuda, Tomar thanda snake e bish aache ki nai( are your cold 'Snakes'.poisonous or harmless). Bishuda giggles and opens his fronttoothless mouth,"Snake Paichhen to dhoirah Khan, benche thakile paise diben( enjoy the snake and give me money if you remain alive after this). Sometimes the owner Bishuda explains that one mischievous painter while making the annual painting made this mistake. The paint can be removed by kerosene but he is afraid that the 'snakes' in the jars may smell. Now he does not have much time to talk or giggle. Locals from Sealdoh are coming one after another and many people want to have a stop at Bishuda's teashop before leaving for their destinations. Six child labours are now pressed into service. While two washes and cleans the dozens of used glasses, two others serve tea, one senior boy along with Bishuda make tea and another one the 'Saap Walah (snake Charmer)' (as people now call him) moves with the glass jar, serves snacks. It is not only the good but cheap tea costing only Rs 1.50 and 'snakes'but also the discussions that goes on here starting from Politics to movies to sports. One young man named Sandip arrives after 7.30 P.M with his gang of 4 and few others also joins. His narrations and comments on any topic keep others spell bound. You may feel that Bergmann,Spillberg,Satyajit Ray. P.K.Mukherjee, Baichun Bhutia should have consulted him before doing their great activity and Greig Chappel should have been his student before taking over his India assisignments.
On sundays, particularly from late Morning to Noon, the picture is different. The regular ones start coming and wait for 2nd round of tea till Sandip arrives. Bishuda besides cold 'snakes' offers hot 'Ghugni' and bread toast. TV is audible and people enjoy viewing it or reading Newspapers and 'addda' in which Sandip is the center person.
That Sunday was just like that. Sandip Just now discarded both Manmohan Singh and Advani as next Prime Minister and was busy in eating 'Ghugni'. His Tea like many of us was getting delayed. He Yelled for it once more and Bishuda was giving normal replies" just a minute". Sandip with his problem solving quest looked at the tea supply Chain and quipped" Bishuda, chhotan, Lakka, Tara, your "Sishu bahini"(Child labours) are all on leave today" Bishuda heaved a deep sigh and said" They shall remain so. Yesterday, Municipalty babus came and warned for employing Child labours. I am on the lookout for adult employees. Give me some time." Bishuda's reply now has drawn everybody's attraction and evidently that became an issue and very soon a light strom in all tea cups.
"Now is the time for them to play and go to schools"
"How do you think the already overcrowded schools shall accomodate these dropouts from teashops, restarants and workshops. They shall be accomodated by the underworld people."
" Yes crime rate shall increase. These kids tasted money and they can easily be lured."
"Furthermore, tomorrow, Bishuda shall have to employ adults and his overhead shall increase and so the price of Tea."
Sandip was only listening and siping his cup of tea he was concentrating more on seeing the a repeat telecast of a reality contest show on a TV channel. It was a contest for child singers. Now-a-days there are several TV channels telecating these reality shows in the prime time. The camera is also focussing on a child talent who despite the heat of the contest was sleeping, possibly the time of the telecast coincide with her time to sleep.
The discussions were gradually fading and now Sandip broke his long sielence," Now Bishuda has a problem affecting us and there is possibly a solution." And now everybody stopped their discussions to listen to him" I have heard all these child labours to sing and we shall get more once we advertise a Tea selling singing competition. Abhijitda shall refine them with little training for singing and Somitda shall do the grooming. Tea companies shall come up with sponsorship for prizes. Panel of Judges will be among us and besides this people drinking tea may caste their votes on a slip to be purchased from Bishuda which shall not be more than the price of tea.People shall show this coupon and get a cup of tea free. Now no inspectors from Municipalty can object. Because they are not Child labours but child singers promoting tea as well as their talents and good grooming" People started smiling , gigling and Laughing loudly but some took it seriously.
"Yes ! these channels are doing the same thing. Singing is also a work. These TV channels are engaging Children for mass entertainment."
" You negative thinkers can't see that they are provided a very high platform for showcasing their talents. Free Grooming,training by experts and comments of these judges; each being a proved person in their field, are invaluable to all these budding talents."
" The Tv channel do not give any episode fee. Only fooding and Lodging are provided."
" The channels are simply putting child-labours for earning at their end. The children are not only deprived for playing games, they remain absent from their schools."
"Main thing is the greed of the Parents. Tell me which way they are different than the Parents of those child labours for this tea shop. At least here there is genuine need for money. But except a few most of the TV-Channel child labour's parents are doing this for a fake fame."
A middle aged man now told" There is nothing wrong if children gifted with talents take part in competetion music or any other thing. But let it not be on a commercial scale. let it not hamper their other normal activity. If done then do not stop Bishuda alone for engaging children in his shop."
Sandip broke his sielence"So Bishuda ask your Sishu-Bahini(Child labours) to come back and we shall hear the singing of them along with these channel show. If the Muncipalty babu's come ask them to use the remote button. In some channels they may see children singing competion."
Bishuda's closed his tea shop and now sells Hot Allochop near Talpukur Bazar just near a Big TV shop. His wife smashes the boled potatoes and marinate it with masala and his son coolects the money. Nether Bishuda Nor his son wears shorts. Let not the Municipalty Babus by mistake catch them as Child labour. People wait in a quee to buy AlloChop and watch the TV of the adjoining TV shop mostly showing the telecast of reality show of Children performing singing or telling Jokes.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Smith"s dielemma

The sole credit goes to him, our overseas expert Dr J.J. Smith, a reputed geochemist(his name is altered here for some reasons). We were enjoying our work and now it is more lively because we implemented his suggestions and shall continue to do so. We all work in a multinational exploration company, globally exploring the economic mineral deposits. Currently in eastern India we completed a preliminary part ending with geochemical sampling where we invited Dr J.J smith to guide and advise us. He preferred calling us by the first name and vice versa.

A view of the part of the work spot

Our day began at 5.30 A.M, walking for about 8-10 Km by traversing two hills separated by valley in between. After a while, departing from the common traverse, We used to get divided in small groups. Each group consisted two tribals for digging work as well as guiding us the path to return to base camp. A pit for geochemical sampling at hill top.

A pit sampling begining
Smith suggested that everyday after completing the work in first hill we meet at a common point, the small fountain flowing in the valley, for a break. During work let us avoid talking as far as possible and use more signals. But at this common meeting point we discuss not only the work but also some recreation along with some food. The next discussion should be after climbing the second hill and meeting at the camp. This made our entire work lively and less tiring.

A Hill fountain in Valley Common meeting point after part I work
This being his fourth visit to India, Smith was little fluent in Hindi and soon became close to the entire team including the tribals. He had genuine interest in our social systems and culture and a part of our discussions consisted to answering his queries. In one such session he asked one unmarried tribal about his plans to get married. He answered " It is difficult to get married in our society." Smith said " if you pardon me please tell us the hurdles." A senior tribal accompanying us told " The boy and girl meet each other in Carnivals held during the festivals. If they like each other, the community chief calls them and confirms the mutual consent. Following this, the boy have to pass a test. He has to lasso a running bull or Buffalo before it crosses the village boundary and then garland it. This is part I. The part II is the boy's family shall take this animal but shall compensate the village chief with two such equally good animals and feed the whole village. Many are able to pass through part I but fails in part II for poverty. As a result few in a family are able to marry. Smith was seriously noting the narration in his pad.
Back in the camp Smith was assured by us that this procedure was limited to tribal of this area. I told him that Tribal from other part of India may have other methods.

Following our common dinner he asked "Tell me , How, you, the non-tribal get married." The geostatistian of our group told " There are two modes. In the universal mode they meet each other, fall in love and decide to marry by conventional method with the approval of Parents or just simply they marry through a Marriage officer with or without the approval of parents. In Mode II, The parents or elders, mostly from the girls family, approach a suitable groom's family either from known circles or matrimonial advertisements. The groom's family who continually receive such proposals further shortlist the possible brides keeping in view the criteria the family fix up in which the groom may have some say. Following this the elders of the groom's family further interview the bride and bride's family and further shortlist the possible candidates. Now the bride and the groom meet each other and let the parent's know their choice who upon further discussions fix up a date of marriage. But there are also several derivatives of Mode I and II and Mixed modes also." Smith noting down seriously said appreciatively " My heart is filed up with great respect. But tell me what is the frequency of Mode I and Mode II ?" None of us in the group which is a mini-India have ever thought on this so seriously. But we discussed among ourselves counting the no. of marriages we happen to know. The total no. of marriages that took place in the known circles including their own are more than 200 and more than 70% marriages fall in "mode II." The next day being week end and we all shared our story books and movie Cd's. Smith took a no. of Novels(Hindi and translated into Hindi) and Indian Movie CD's with subtitles.

Work proceeded rapidly in the following week and we completed the work including packing, processing and elementary analysis at our mini lab in the camp one day before schedule. At the end of the camp fire, Smith returned all the novels and Books and said " If all of you are not going to be busy with packing's may I have a few minutes with all of you." We all nodded affirmative. Looking at our anxious faces he said " It is nothing technical. I am referring to our discussions of the last week about your social systems of marriage. I have gone through all these novels and seen all these movie Cd's. The novels are from well known novelist as you say and some of the movie CD's are the work of international reputed directors. They well represent your social systems from age-old times to recent and from many states of your country. In all these, the marriages took place mostly through Mode I. Your opinion poles are also from several states and varied age group and this sampling is also quite representative. The opinion poles that you gave me say that marriages are mostly through Mode II. I am in a dilemma and confused. Why your opinion poles are different from the Novels and movies dealing with your social systems." Looking at our silent faces with wrinkles in foreheads he said " You may take your time and may e-mail me later on. Good night folks."
Dr. J.J. smith sent his report on the geochemical finding but we could not reply him on his last personal query and are still trying to find out an answer. Do you have an answer to his quarry?

Monday, April 6, 2009

From Conversations in a local train: A lovestory to begin.

For a Fortnight, I am a city dweller in Kolkata along with a part of my team. During the last reconnaissance survey we located a new iron ore mineralised area and now some primary confirmatory lab. tests are to be performed for making further decisions of prospecting.

While my team stays at the saltlake guesthouse, I commute from my flat at Barrackpore, a suburb town of Kolkata,by local train. The live comments of the commuters on the daily happenings and the lectures of the Hawkers soliciting to buy their products make my journey, from Barrackpore to Bidhannagar(the nearest boarding point for Salt lake) and back, very interesting and thought provoking. For safe and quick boarding into compartment and landing at destinations I learnt to become a flexible object to "crowd pressure".

But today, the waiting crowds for boarding from the Bidhannagar station was much more than usual. The previous technique as applied by me in other days did not work. Missing my usual galloping "Shantipore" local , somehow rather I could manage to board an all stoppage "Gede" local to Barrackpore

By now overhearing from the conversations I learnt despite the market recessions some companies, at the close of the financial year, are making bulk recruitment. The crowd, dominated by job aspirant youths, was divided into two categories"haves"and "have nots"i.e. Those who pocketed the "Appo-letters" and the angry faced"sorry this time" the rest.

The great pushing power instantly transferred me from the entrance to corridor of the compartment. "Lady Luck" has been kind enough to place me the coveted position of "under the fans"position. I had a glimpse of the two rows of of sitting accommodations facing each other. Both were occupied by more than the capacity.
Four all fatty elderly gentlemen occupied the row left to me and five young girls chirping continuously occupied the opposite row. Each girl was trying to let the whole compartment know how they outsmarted the "boys" competing for the posts and they bagged all the jobs except one.
The train started moving and some young men pushed sideways and soon they managed to stand between the rows of benches. The cool airs from the windows are now blocked. The chirping group immediately opposed this blocking.

"Why all of you are here only, You are choking us to die."

The youth standing next to window snarled" You are lucky to be seated, people standing here are managing with this"

" If we are lucky today that is none of our fault and that does not limit us not to have air."Hearing this reply from the girls one of the youth standing in a farthest corner said " you and your group should have taken little effort to walk one compartment further and gone to Ladies compartment, you are trying to eat the cake both the way"
Another joined " Why should girls have all the fun?"(copying the tone of a popular TV ad. Jingle).

Opposing strongly the young lady sitting next to window flared up"Come and sit here and have some share of the fun we are enjoying and shall continue to do so."
The youth sweating and standing next to her said dryly" You may be having great time with those appo-letters but these were meant for us at least they advertised like that and at the end of the day...."
The youth at the furthest end of the passage shouted with his shrill voice" They told us before the GD the office posts are for the girls and the outdoor jobs are for the boys. But at the end, except Ritu, all were girls. Well! after all Ritu maintains a long hair and unlike us he has a sweet face so he could made it to the final round, the session with the H.R."
These hot discussions soon attracted other co-passengers. Discussions, comments and suggestions came flowing one after another. By now people are aware of the fact that these boys and girls attended an interview today. The girls bagged all the jobs except one.
The elderly gentleman sitting in the opposite row and dozing often now straightened up " I work in a small refrigeration agency for servicing, maintenance and repairs of branded products. Ladies maintain the front office as well as well as the outdoor jobs including attending the clients problems at their premises. Both the boys and girls received on the job training and clients give us good feedback when girl attend the the problems" With applause from the opposite bench the gentleman carefully remained silent about the performance of the "boys" in his company.

The discussions soon turned around with related topics like "Survival of the best", " economic islands"etc. Someone said" I am in H.R. I find it difficult to distinguish the shortlisted candidates after we conduct on the spot tests. The failures or successes depends whether it is the candidate's day or not."
His friend said " when the jobs are scarce and you find all the candidates almost at per you make another criteria. Take the family employment status into account." 
The H.R man scratching his head said" I do not get you there" 
His friend replied" out of the two otherwise equal candidates, take the one in whose family no one is employed or earns significantly to maintain the family" 
Another elderly gentleman, now nearing his destination, vacated his seat and made room for one of the youths said "He made a good point. The candidate so chosen shall work better than the other for the survival of his family." 
Girls sitting and enjoying all the conversations now broke the silence" Excuse me sir. You are possibly encroaching into the right to earn and do you mean to say that in today's nucleus family both the husband and wife should not work.?"
The gentleman now joining the queue towards the exit passage said in a loud voice " Many of your rights are now only in the pages of that constitution book. Do you protest there? Further, an unemployed man, when employed, possibly may marry another unemployed woman. But do any one of you with fresh appo. letter in your pocket shall agree to marry another unemployed man?" The gentleman was pushed out in a moment to his destination point leaving the girls silent.

I was lucky at the next station to sit beside the "today's angry young man". During the heated conversation, I came to know his name as well as the name of the girl sitting opposite to him as Sudeb and Krishna. 
I saw them gazing at each other with exchange of smiles. Let this happening mature further to a "love -Story". If I assume Sudeb to continue as unemployed I do not know who may propose and who shall give the approving nod. Do you know?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A review of Sarat babu's "Mahesh" by a Tribal.

This evening is unlike the other when we only relax and review our achievements and physical wounds while doing this reconnaissance part of mineral exploration. We have completed this phase and shall proceed to our base camp leaving beside this camp for use in the succeeding phase.
our Small camp beside a river

our local friends, the tribals stayed back with us for this evening. The campfire started with entertainment programmes from both ends and a multi-cuisine dinner cooked and enjoyed by all. At the end we all sat beside the fire and were recollecting our hard days of covering this tough terrain consisting of steep hills and valleys.
The river beside our Camp
The chief of tribal, Manglu Sardar, was little drunk as usual in this occasion and was often saying incoherent words. One of us being inquisitive asked him to share his thoughts. He said " The story of Gafur Zola and his pet bull Mahesh once told by some of you is good but needs to be amended in view of some hard technical facts." Talking among us we soon recollected the story told by a good narrator who also speak their languages also.
We are exploring for Iron ore in a new location unknown before and trying to narrow down the target area by preparing a local geological map of the area. The iron ore occurrences have been detected by us.

Iron Ore located during reconnaissance

The area is in a remote corner and we are lucky to have a single road passing by the hilly terrain connecting the external world. Our day begins at 6.30 a.m in early morning and we get divided in small groups with assigned tasks for each group.

Small path connecting the world outside.
Tough terrain of Exploration. A small exploration group starting for work.

Completing the days work we all meet once again near the main fountain of the area. We just drag our exhausted body and soak till we shiver by the flowing cold water of the fountain.
Main Fountain, meeting place and cool bath after work
A small group which stayed back in the camp for sample preparation job cook the lunch for us by the side of the fountain and call us repeatedly. The heap of rice mixed with lentils and roasted potatoes consist the menu and sometimes fresh fish roast covered by leaf refill our energy. Till it gets dark we either play "Golly-dunda" or Bow and arrow practice under the coaching of tribals.

Bow and Arrow game with our coaches in the evening.

Some days we are too exhausted which either the cool bath or the late lunch or both together fail to remove. We go back to our shelters and sit in the open field and our story telling session starts from each side. The tribals tell their folklores, their social customs and hunting stories while we tell our social customs and sometimes a story. In one such session the Short story "Mahesh" by the famous Novelist Sarat Chandra Chattopadyay was narrated by one of us. The well known short story in very short goes like this. A poor peasant Gafoor Zola had a pet bull Mahesh. Both of them are old and Mahesh after eight seasons of ploughing can no longer plough the field. It was difficult for Gafoor to have rice enough for himself and his daughter Amina. One day while Gafoor was returning home in empty hand found the hungry Mahesh eating the last stock of grain and a part of the dry paddy grass covering the house roof. Being overpowered by anger he beat his pet Bull who died on the spot. Next morning Gaffor left his house along with his daughter to a small town to become a jute mill worker which earlier despite his starvation refused to take up. The story written few decades back touched the hearts of the tribals and they listened the narration with deep sighs and left silently. Our Manglu Sardar was referring to that story. Manglu said" That story is for people like us but please tell Sarat babu to make few amendment's." One of us amusingly quipped " well! please carry on."

Manglu said " No peasant maintains a single bull, they are maintained in pairs because ploughing can not be done by a single bull. There is no mention of another bull living or dead. Was he really a peasant? There is no mention of another bull by Gafoor living or dead. This is unnatural for a person loving bulls so much. Secondly no bull can do ploughing job for eight years. At the best it can continue up to four years. Lastly I assume that another bull existed but died due to draught and starvation. How many people in Sarat Babu's village died in that year due to the same reason? Stock of human food exhaust faster than animal food." Manglu now broke in tears "only two year's back, my two children starved for day's together and died before me. Gafoor is better off, he could become a jute mill worker but we do not have so. You are going back to town, can't you tell govt. to do something so that our children do not die." People tried to sedate him with drinks still available for the last sip.
The dimly lit fire was no longer there; the moonlight shall be late this evening. We helped Manglu to rise and walk. We have no means to communicate this tribal's review to Sarat Babu. We proffered and have to walk a little in darkness to reach our camp. None of us dared to switch on the torch lights but kept it in our pockets.

Bon Voyage! We are leaving now.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Adjust the body clock, a successful attempt for leaving smoking

Just before you go to bed, suppose you want to wake up by 4 am, concentrate for a few minutes and tell your mind repeatedly to wake you up at 4 am exactly. Surely, if you concentratedly tell, you sure will automatically get up, as if some body awakened you. Depending on your wish, you may reset, reduce and delete the frequency of any non-narcotic habit, which has now formed a part of your life. Suppose, you have a habit after you take tea every time. You have to go out and hide in a corner because law now bans doing that publicly. This habit also calls you compulsorily, after your meals, at the end of your meeting, begin thinking, your phase of worry, anxiety and emotional disturbance. You may add to your list the other situations when something inside you compels to take resort to that habit. You know by now that it is all about the useless sermons of leaving smoking. By now, possibly you may stop reading this article further, like I used to do. But before you switch to another blog article, spending a few minutes with me may not be totally useless. Remember your last harassments for smoking in the public place, anger of your dear ones and choking conditions in the smoking rooms of airports, Knocking of the bathroom doors of train by GRPF to catch you red-handed and your last promise to stop smoking. You could not do so. Possibly you did not adjust you body clock. My 20 friends and myself did it successfully to the extent that we today are permanent non-smokers. Want to get rid of the harassments and join us or at least want to know how we did it? Then read further.

Are you a "night owl" or an "early bird?" The answer depends on a biological "clock" in your brain. This molecular clock controls many natural body cycles -- from the time you wake up each morning to rhythmic changes in body temperature and blood hormone. This is known as body Clock. Scientists have learned that special genes control these clocks, which can be reset by mental and external conditions. Knowledge of these clocks is leading to an improved understanding of biological cycles and new ways of treating disorders such as insomnia. Your main body functions like sleeping, awakening time hunger etc can be reset but with the associated habits can be reduced and finally be deleted, which is true in the case of Non-narcotic habit like smoking. Actually your body clock has been taken as hostage by your habit of smoking like the Extremists do and ask for a ransom. Here this extremist is smoking habit and through body clock it is sending messages to your nervous system that with the current level of nicotine in your blood the task asked for shall not be performed. So the demand of ransom is met by lighting a cigarette. This destructive extremist has a clear picture of your body traits and sets the alarms in your body clock at various intervals and at various physiological and physico-chemical conditions. As you finish your lunch or tea, start your thinking or your worries baffle you, there is a change in your body temperature, blood pressure or hormone secretion and the alarm rings with a ransom message “light a cigarette otherwise the body will not function/ you shall feel better” etc.

How to fight it out? My experiments with the truth of body clock:
I was a smoker and made many attempts to get rid of it. Sometimes I failed; sometimes I was temporarily successful for some period. Lastly I tried with body clock techniques and I was successful. An eager friend soon shared my knowledge and his success led to form a group, which worked out with cent percent success of leaving smoking. We discussed and proceeded systematically and here is how we are going. We divided our existing smoker friends in three categories and started working on it. Lastly I thought to blog it out to share it for a larger platform.
Case 1.For persons of strong will power.
If your will power is very strong then just like good batsman disturbs the line and length of the bowler i.e. do not pay heed to the alarm say “get out”. After ringing for few times in the day you will see the ransom note in demanding voice has come to begging terms asking you to smoke. You may have a headache by now. There are three SUGGESTIONS.
1. Inhale and exhale heavily. 2. Press the both ends of your forehead and release 5 to 10 times. 3. Meet your doctor friend and tell him everything he may give some medicines for few days to continue. In fact when you smoke you do the same inhaling and exhaling but with an amount of nicotine and carbon monoxide. While inhaling and exhaling only with fresh oxygen you are doing the same thing with no harm for your body.
Case 2 For people with moderate will power(I belong to this): We have to proceed tactfully.
A. Induct all the fear elements of smoking in your mind repeatedly. (Many left cigarettes because the fear element only was sufficient for them)
1.Remember the warnings of your Company’s doctor friend while showing your chest x-ray during the last cough and cold episode.
2. Your above X-ray reports denied your entry to factory and Mines premises and your colleague visited the site earning more points and ahead of you for getting premium increment points.
3. Your recent harassments in the public place, the rejection at the intimate moment of your dear ones for the smell of your mouth.
B. Identify the major times of call for smoke, say it could be your after every time you take tea, meals, going to toilets or the emotional bad times.
C. Take one by one. Like a tiger You may target the weak ones first and the strong desires last. Do not say outright “No” to the ransom note of smoking from the body-clock, put it on a snooze note as like your mobile alarm. If you are successful in breaking one alarm time today, tomorrow another along with the first. If you have successfully avoided the smoking after getting up, tomorrow the next is the after breakfast (if this happens to be existing). Each time fill this clock-time by some other activity. After you get up switch on the TV or music or telephone someone or if you so want to Jog and Jog. Next day you will see for yourself after you get up you are putting on the TV not the Cigarette. You are convinced and gradually you will reduce your smoking. And soon smoking habit shall be a past.
D. In case of strong headache first try the step 1 and 2 for the Case 1 people and you will see head ache reduces. At this time your smoking habit is no more in demanding terms but there shall be other kind of auto-suggestions like “a little smoking is not injurious”, “ that gives you a male-look”, “ got stuck up in this urgent report, smoke now, you will be charged”. Just ignore all of them. If your headache persists visit your doctor friend you shall be all right. You have killed this extremist like habit and your body clock is now free like the Taj Hotel from the extremist operation.
Case 3. For People with very low will power. They believe they can never get out of this habit and need the help and counseling from others particularly from Case2 group who are mentally nearer to this group. To motivate them the following attempts made by us were successful.
A. First let us not talk about leaving smoking to them but enquire from them the major body clock alarms for cigarette. Fill one of the alarms continually for days together with some other activity. When one of their body clock alarms is set free then start convincing. He may still say “no” to you but shall be only eagerly watching you.
B. Induct the fear element in his mind and then tell the process to reduce first as discussed above.
C. The next steps are same as case 2 group but he needs to be monitored. He may revert back to this habit. Without coaxing, once again convince him and find out which body clock is still to win. Because there may be sudden hidden body clock, which has now surfaced out, or some autosuggestion convinced him. We are his friend and we got to do it. It may be so his new fill times are not interesting.
In Summary the steps are as follows:
1.Evaluate your mental category e.g. whether your will power is strong, moderate or weak.
2.Identify the body clock alarm times e.g. after break fast, lunch, boss’s call, period of worries etc.
3. Depending on the mental category plan your attacks and intensity of attacks.
4. Depending on your mental category intensify the fear element. Remember many-left smoking after the first indication of heart attack or cancer. But by that time smoking has completed the destruction. Fill the alarm time by new things. This fill time must be very attractive to you.
5. The physical discomforts are temporary; you may try the tips given e.g. deep inhaling and exhaling, pressing the forehead corners and lastly visit your doctor friend.

The power of the body clock is immense. It can change a person; it may modify some of discomforts to comfort. Not only smoking you may get rid of any non-narcotic habit permanently.
To start with, you first do the experiment on yourself. Upon being successful first form a small group preferably with group 2 people. With group 1 people the reactions of others are that it is too easy for him/them to do so. With group 3 people it is very tough to get a success alone. By initiating you get a double edge. You automatically induct a fear element in your subconscious mind not to revert back to that habit because people may laugh at you for doing so. We are now experimenting the wonders of body clock with persons of blood sugar and overweight having tremendous affinity for sweets or alcohols. Please share this experiment with your smoking friend and tell me the flaws. We shall be benefited with your suggestions and comments.