Saturday, January 11, 2014


                             Duel of dual souls
Last fortnight, an yet to be diagnosed, sudden attack breathlessness restricted me to keep away from the usual Friday evening  activities as prelude of the funs of the following two long rest days.
Friends call me  as captain cool and like many other bitter at the beginning incidents of life, I rather welcomed it.  I am seldom disheartened at anything  like even if I knew Rina is now gyrating with someone else  in the Disco of Friday club.
  Right then, I was busy testing my self-made latest Trans receiver set and enjoying the drizzle that made a concert on the corrugated transparent part of the rooftop of my apartment,
I earn my bread as design engineer in instrumentation but playing with radio transmission and receiving,   from self-made small but powerful trans-receivers, is my passion.
I hear funny sounds, which are possibly echoes of the simulated radio signals from my own transmitter, but sometimes I doubt. Do I possibly hear the radio signals from someone else also?
Just before my illness, I finished the design and construction of thyristor driven IC panel but could not test the synchronization of the panel with tuner amplifier.
The receiver was working smoothly. Keeping the radio on, I pressed the transmitter switch and started checking both transmission and receiving powers of the signals with the addition of the thyristor IC panel. The VHF was O.k. and I turned on the UVHF part and gradually increased the frequency.
Just at the mid-value of the frequency range, excitements and surprises happened one after another.
Usually I hear only funny incoherent sounds but this time, a sweet melodious symphony of violin and Piano   filled up the room, followed by strange things one after another.
The curtains started vibrating, flowers in the vases started blossoming, an empty glass tumbler slowly moved from corner to center of the side table and then the light became dim yellow.
I heard a faint incoherent voice and increased the bass and tone for clear hearing.
 In the beginning, I was amused guessing it a work of some crack person to scare me. Within a spilt second, the sequel of happenings proved me wrong.
To detect the transmission source, I should have connected the set to the computer. However, by mistake, I actually connected it to the LED projector. However, It was a mistake worth making.
I saw faint elliptical cluster of shadows on the wall facing opposite to me. The shadows gradually formed three concentric circles with rectangular patches infilling the gaps between the circles. The sweet melodious voice resumed and kept me glued and attentive.
I heard clearly, “Spare a little time, it shall benefit you only.” A pause for few minutes followed this.
Oh! That’s it! A marketing campaign, possibly religious or real estate selling promotion was inside a cloak of stunt but possibly wastage of enviable talent for such purpose. However, the magnetic voice compelled me to hear further. However, I did few things to see and hear this campaign sort of thing repeatedly.
Keeping the projector undisturbed, I connected the transmission to computer and kept the Video recorder on for complete recording. The processor would take no time to detect the transmission source.
The feminine voice resumed, “You have a dual soul inside you. One is almost dying and another is waking up from dormant to active stage.”
I looked up at the computer screen; it was busy analyzing the source, which compelled me  to hear this “Mata ji” for some time more.
Controlling my laughter, I made my voice as serious as possible and said, “Why at all I had two souls, active and dormant?”
“The fetus in the mother’s womb starts vibrating with the rhythms of life when soul saturated with cosmic energy enters. In your case, instead of single, two souls of opposite sex battled with each other to occupy the fetus. The male soul kept the female dormant and developed organs and hormones for his pleasures from the body. Now the male soul in your body is dying. This is the reason of your recent Non-diagnosed illness. The female soul shall now take over and very rapidly develop organs and hormones for her requirement.”
I asked, “What shall happen to me?”
The voice said, “Your face shall change and overall you shall look like a female.”
I almost shouted, “Oh! No! Why shall I suffer for the duel of the souls?”  I did a mistake in crying like that.
 Either the wicked person is enjoying the fun or if she happens to be a cheater, this is the time to strike the nail, the time to speak for remedies and make money.
 However, surprising me, the transmission of the wicked terminated.
I did not notice, my computer defeated my main purpose of hearing all these non-sense. After several attempts, it finally failed to locate the source of transmission.
I tried vainly to distract my mind by listening music and watching TV.  I started my   computer to look into a recent  software for office work but after sometime, I started digging a graphics package, which can draw the various changes of the same face as you desire.
Rounding the sharp corners of my face, it appeared to have a feminine look and appeared quite a good-looking face.
As I got up in morning and went to the washroom for a shave and bath, I was about to shout but controlled myself. I might not need a shave anymore.
This morning, I was wondering where from so much hairs came to my bedroom.   As I undressed, I got the answer. Well! Even after nightlong work by my soul, it is still a work under construction.
Leaving my head portion, someone as if removed neatly all most all the hairs from my body and made my skin   soft and smooth. However, breasts need a little lift to be full and my genital is almost extinct.
      On Sunday, my doctor called me, they found out a secondary cause of my recent illness i.e.sudden   activation of Progesterone and Estrogen, two female hormones in my body and heavy damages of male hormone Testosterone. My male genitals might work partially but if I so wish a small incision could make an effective female genital. I solicited an appointment of pre-surgery.
     on  Monday morning, at the traffic island, a bike along with a female pillion rider stopped by my side. As the signal turned green, the biker sped through like an arrow from a bow. However, before crossing my car, he whistled at me approvingly and I liked it. The Pillion rider was unmistakably Rina, she looked back at me angrily. Men will be after all men only and Girls! I am beginning to know.