Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Trek to Dev Bhoomi for the Devas –part-6


            Night halt of Siyalsaur and a memorable Night.

There was everything to celebrate the most important occasion for two of us, solar candle lit dinner on the bank of  hills surrounded meandering Mandakini, self-composed music and dance by a young couple. This was our night-halt at Siyalsaur on the way to Badrinath ji.

Guptkashi appeared to be a big place on the way to our
Night halt at Siyalsaur.  The sound of traffic and glares of light from the shops and houses broke our sleep.
Bade papa gave us a tip and accordingly we soaked our feet for hours together (until our vehicle reported) at the hot spring waters of Gourikund. This worked better than analgesic tablets. Before getting inside our vehicle, there were no more pain in the legs or joints and we slept comfortably in the vehicle, even on the bad hilly road with jerks from the potholes and bumps.

Our scheduled night halt was at Tourist Village of GMVN Siyalsaur. From this place, Tunganath via Chopta is only 50 Km. The picturesque Deoria Taal is just 35 Km (2.5 Km trekking from Sari village.) 

There about 35 cottages on the bank of Mandakini at the “Tourist village,” provide all the comfort that a tired mind and body deserves.

From the outskirt of the Siyalsaur town, the vehicle traversed more than half a kilometer on a spiral hilly road, and stopped at the “Tourist village” of GMVN.
As soon as the headlights of our vehicle switched off, a blanket of darkness as if sprang upon us neglecting the weak attempts of the dimly lit lanterns from the Reception lobby.
However, within moments, someone with a magic wand lit a series of lanterns unveiling the rows of cottages. We only learnt later on that these were badly charged solar Lamps. The continuous flow sound of the river current indicated the presence of Mandakini just below the cottages.

The cozy cottages were meticulously cane furnished with weak solar lights not the smelly kerosene lanterns. I quickly finished my bath and came outside to have a look at the dark outside.
However, by that time there was dim moon light and the hill surrounded meandered Mandakini made a soothing atmosphere. I had a brainwave.
I whispered something to the waiter boy who came to collect the orders for the dinner. With an obliging node, he vanished in the darkness.
Just beside the barbed fence, at a lonely corner, he nicely laid a small table, two red chairs, and two medium sized Bonfire of charcoal for us. He also managed two fully charged solar torches looking like lighted candles at the both ends of food tray of Hotpots.
Susmita just loved it and looked at me. With cleavages on her forehead, she said, “Well if you want me to begin then thank you for remembering the day and giving me a surprise.”
Emotions now engulfed her, tears like pearl rolled down from her blinkering eyes. I scratched my head in vain and surrendered “I do not get you. I just arranged a dinner for two of us. Our anniversary is….”
She looked at me and heaved a deep sigh “You know, the thing which I like the most in you is that you never lied to me. Well! This is the day..”
I said “when a sophisticated girl said Yes to a very simple boy”
“Better correct it, a naughty but nice..”
I said “Thanks for the compliment. I am hungry”
Menu was simple: Hot tawa roti, dal, bengan bharta, Mixed Veg. and a small plate of Rosmalai for the desert. She was busy in distributing the food items on two bright plates except the desert a small plate of Rosmalai.
I took out my mobile and put on a song: my lyrics, music composed and  song by  Susmita. It was a waltz biased tune on a college fest but hummed and danced by many on that evening and brought us together.
                                  “Hold her hand
                                              On your Palm,
                                    Tell your heart
                                                  To be calm.
                                     Have, have, all the fun,
                                 Only with her charm
                                    Hold her hand                                               
                                         On your palm                  

She sat beside me. We gazed at each other and started traversing back, down the sweet memory lane of both of us. 
The background of dim moonlit Hills on the bank of the meandering Mandakini with rhythmic flow sound of the high river current kept us mesmerized.
The music continued and we saw a couple who   came up the stairs from the bank of Mandakini, stopped near the lawn to hear our music. 
Holding each other’s hand and with a matching step, they danced for a while and after waving to us, they quickly ran to their room. That night we discovered that time could make us oldies in appearances only.
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Indrani said...

A great place spend your anniversary. Many happy wishes to both of you!

Pradip Biswas said...

Thank you Indrani. But this is not our anniversary, something else. Anyway thank you for wishing us the happy returns of the moment

aliasgarmukhtiar mukhtiar said...

Hey Nice post