Thursday, March 7, 2013


It was just a small mistake and I further allowed the mistake to continue further. Just for this, I entered into the worst kind of jam of my life.
  Only few hours before, I was in the topmost happy mood of my life as I won the five-crore design contract of the City Group.  I went out earlier than other days to have a good soaking in bathtub before joining my friends at the "Royals" for a dinner.
 As I came out of the basement car parking of my office complex, I swerved a little more and instead of turning to my left, I turned right towards the back entrance gate.
It then occurred to me, instead of moving in back gears, towards the front gate, let me better exit through this gate  and take the dart road connecting the Highway.
This road, my first consultancy project, is not only shorter than the tar road in front of my office but traffic density in this is very low as this is yet to be open for public.  

The dirt road is waiting for tarring and carpeting  after settling the culvert issue over a wide drain crossing the road.  The present culvert is narrow, unfit for heavy traffic and one has to stop his vehicle to negotiate with vehicles coming from opposite direction.
The culvert was almost about 200 meters and I was keeping a strong vigil on the road to see any vehicle coming from the opposite side.
I had to jam the break pedal to make a screeching halt. A latest model VW car just near the culvert was  parked half in the carriageway and half in the shoulder.
I pressed the car horn twice, but there was no response. Reluctantly, I switched off the engine, came out, and stood near the end of the bonnet of my Bolero.
 This VW has made the approach to culvert a bit tricky. I have to swerve a little in the right and then to left. A little mistake in swerving, my Bolero may kiss either the parapet walls of the culvert or the VW, resulting scratches on  both the cars.
Leaning on the bonnet, I tried to shift my vision here and there to locate the driver of VW. I failed to see any one around. Cursing the driver, I was about to move.  However, something drew my attention.
There was a single costly Kolhapuri Chappal on the parapet of the culvert and something else. The sky started becoming dark. Could it be the broken handle of a briefcase?
At that instant, someone clapped on my back followed by a sudden stinging blow that rocked my whole body.  In quick reflex, I turned my head to see who had hit me, and to my surprise, my knees began to buckle.
Like a slow motion picture, I could see my body hit the hard dart road. There was a dull pain in my back and it began to spread. It became hard to breathe. All of a sudden, a cloud of darkness engulfed me.

I found myself curling in the front seat of my Bolero. After several attempts, I was able to extend my hand to take out a spray bottle of painkiller.
Closing my I eyes; I sprayed it around my cheek and tried to move my hand towards the painful area of my back. I was a footballer and a good midfielder. I tried to inspire myself and said in a feeble voice “come on boy, get up. This is just nothing.  In past, defenders of   the opposite side did nastier fowls than this.”

The analgesic medicines did the wonders. There were no more pains. I can drive now and get lost from this place quickly.  I found my purse, mobile, gold wristwatch and the diamond engagement ring are intact. The goons did not touch any one of them. However, my striped golf cap was missing. Possibly, they kept it as a souvenir.

 I was about to start the engine and found another kind action by the goons. They drove my car past the culvert and kept it in the muddy sideways so that no part of the carriage way was blocked. Perhaps they wanted least attention by any other vehicle driver who might stop his vehicle and peep inside my car. Surprisingly, the VW is still blinking in the same location.

I drove fast and stopped before the signal at the main crossing and the nagging flashback of the entire incident came back.
Looking at my costly belongings, I was sure that some goons, who hit me just for no fault of mine, were certainly not the ordinary snatchers or thugs. 
Has anyone hired goons to scare me?
Could it be one of the competitors for the City group’s  5-crore design bidding, who did not like my wining the contract?
 I myself opposed this theory.
I seldom use this route to highway. Today, by mistake I turned towards the back gate and without correcting my mistake, took this short cut dirt road. How could the hired goons    know that?
I am now sure, that they possibly mistook me for some one else or they did not like my probing for the abandoned VW. They possibly did not want me to be the eyewitness for something that was going on either inside the VW or near to it. Surely, the abandoned VW has something in this mystery.

I felt a cold wind around my neck and looked back. The glass window at the back seat was open. As I switched on to close the window, I heard a faint wail of a dog. That was well inside my car. Where from this Dog came?
( Part 2,  by tomorrow 8/3/2013)  

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