Wednesday, December 19, 2012

“ Laid under the marigolds”

        “ Laid under the marigoldsMy entry for the Get Published contest

This is the evergreen tale of two friends of mine, Amit and Rita (named as), who saw their own metamorphosis from the childhood playmates to the wonderland of a man and woman relationship.

At the adolescence age, their liking for each other started shaping into emotional relations reflected by their actions and strange behaviors unknown to their innocent mind. Their teachers and parents did not like it and both were separated to unknown destinations.
However, this action ignited the spark of love and continued from their adolescence age. Miracles brought them together again and with their matured mind, they felt the joy and power of love. They decided to stay close to each other neglecting the approval of  the elders. Unfortunately, the  destiny did something else but even that could not forbid them to stay close to each other. Marigold was her favorite flower. Although it blooms only in winter but for him, the smell of marigold is throughout the year because she is laid beneath them. 

What makes this story Real
Love is a spontaneous happening with infinite miraculous and formidable power of attraction. Reason, logic, or any other basis cannot explain this happening.  The bond of love between Amit and Rita took place unconditionally. The miraculous power of love united them once again after many years. Nothing, although attempted heavily, could separate them and that is the example of Pure love. The happenings witnessed by first their school and college mates made them to understand the meaning of love and to feel it correctly. This story if told to others may inspire them.
The hills surround the Plateau but only make the chilly wind from the North more intense. This wind dries up the green grass, makes the trees bald, asks the valley river to become a thin silver strip and makes   the exodus of people to the plains below. But every year a single man does the reverse. He comes from the plains, pitches his tent on the sloping valley and looks for hours together down below the thin valley river.  He finally shifts his gaze to the only contrast of green and yellow small ellipse, a cluster of marigold plants.  Marigolds are seasonal floe\wers of the winter but they are not seen in the entire valley of  more than thirty square kilometers. Why the Marigolds grow only here ? No one else but only he knows the answer. This is the place where he found her body from the river and cremated. He was not aware of the Marigold seeds or flowers that she was carrying with her. She liked only the yellow Marigolds, which began this love and still now continuing with their evergreen Love.  
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