Wednesday, June 6, 2012

                         Weight loss with slimming Teas

Centuries ago, Asians knew that regular drinking 0f 4-5 cups of slimming tea, youthful-slim figures can be maintained. Excess amount of triglyceride from the food intake is turned into fat, which subsequently causes obesity. Sliming teas in general contain Polyphenol, a powerful antioxidant, inhibits the accumulation of fat, and activates the enzyme responsible for dissolving excess triglyceride.

Major Actions of Slimming Teas for weight loss:
i) Speed up Fat burning Process by the action of polyphenol present in it.
ii) Increase Body Metabolism, facilitate steady blood circulation, and prevent the ligaments to become loose, as there remains less room for fat accumulation.
iii) Stop fat absorption

Various Types of Slimming Teas
Green Tea: The most popular weight loss tea and its benefits are well documented. Green tea contains powerful antioxidants called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which stimulates the metabolism and accelerate weight loss.

Wu Long Tea: Researchers concluded that it helps to reduce weight by increasing metabolism, burning fat (lipolysis), and blocking dietary fat.

Pu-erh Tea: Taken with each meal, pu-erh reduces appetite and stimulates weight loss.

Baozhong Tea: Similar in benefits to green tea and has a milder flavor. Therefore, it is ideal for those who dislike the flavor of green tea.

Fennel Tea: A natural appetite suppressant and so it is  perfect for those who have a tendency to eat too much.

White Tea: Researchers concluded that it effectively blocks the generation of new fat cells and stimulates fat mobilization from mature fat cells

Herbal Tea: combination of all natural herbs  like Nagarmotha(Cyprus Rotundus), Sonti(Ginger), Triphala Extract, agar(Valeriana Walilichi); Musta, Pepper, Pipili  and green tea. Therefore, this tea is very rich in anti oxidants. It destroys the stubborn fat Groups, break down Fat and burn the excessive fat.  

 The type of Slimming tea to be taken needs the recommendation of consulting Physician or Dietician. Regular exercise and diets as advised by a dietician are to be continued for a persistent weight loss.

However getting into an exercise routine is an uphill and reluctant task for obese persons. The only motivating news for them is the clinical result of an experiment with three groups of mice that were fed with high fat diet to gain additional weight.

Mice that exercised regularly lost 24% of additional weight gain. Mice that drank green tea lost 47%. Mice that exercised and drank slimming tea (green tea) lost 89%.

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